BitPay Checkout for Woocommerce v5.3.0

This is a minor release that adds new functionality and improves PHP 8.0 support. We introduced php-scoper in version 5.1.0 that mitigates issues with other plugins using incompatible versions of the same libraries we depend on, such as Guzzle. The latest version of php-scoper requires PHP >= 8.1, so we are temporarily using an older version until November, when PHP 8.0 support is dropped.

What's Changed

  • SP-674 Add admin option to allow users to select their BitPay button
  • SP-702 WooCommerce - PHP 8.0
  • SP-705 Add variable check

Please see the plugin page for more information.



We are now only supporting active versions of PHP. Please see the PHP documentation for more information.

PHP Support Table

Full Changelog: 5.1.0...5.3.0