Email Billing

BitPay's email billing tool allows you to quickly and easily generate an invoice link, which can be sent to a customer and paid when the customer is ready. Here's how it works.

  1. Log in to your BitPay merchant dashboard at
  2. Navigate to the "Payment Tools" section
  3. Click the "Email Billing" widget
  4. Click on the "Create Bill" or "New Bill" button
  5. Fill out the form:
    1. Email - use the customer's email address
    2. Delivery
      1. Send Bill via Email - BitPay will email the bill to the customer directly
      2. Share Bill via URL - BitPay will generate a link for you, which you can email to the customer
    3. Currency - the reference (fiat) currency you will use to price the invoice
    4. Due Date - when you would like the bill to be paid (for reference only, the bill won't expire on this date)
    5. Bill Number - open field you can use to match the BitPay bill to your own records
    6. Item / Price / Quantity - itemized invoice for the customer, where you can add multiple line items
    7. Pass estimated fees to Buyer - check this box if you would like BitPay to increase the invoice total to cover our processing fees
  6. Click "Create Bill" or "Send Bill"
    1. If you selected the "Share Bill via URL" option, make sure to email the link to the customer!
  7. When the customer pays the invoice, you will receive notifications from BitPay via email, and you will be able to monitor the status of the payment from the "Payments" tab in your merchant dashboard