User Privileges

Description of what each user access level will allow.

Merchant dashboard administrators can provide access to additional users with the following privileges. Note that the administrator can adjust a user's privileges at any time.


  • Full access to all dashboard functionality.


  • View ledger and download transaction data
  • View all past payment information (but can’t initiate a refund)
  • Full access for payouts functionality
  • Create email bills and view past bills
  • View and modify settlement settings


  • View ledger balance, but can’t view ledger history or export data
  • View past payments (but can’t initiate a refund)
  • No access to payouts tab
  • Create email bills and view past bills
  • Configure payment/donation buttons and pages
  • Access to manage API tokens
  • Edit some merchant profile settings and order settings


  • View existing payments and create refunds
  • Create email bills and view past bills