Marketing Best Practices for BitPay Merchant Partners

Proper marketing is critical to the success of your partnership with BitPay.

According to a report by Forrester Consulting:

  • Average order value of purchases made with cryptocurrency is greater than 2x that of purchases made with fiat currency
  • Businesses may see up to a 40% increase in new customers
  • BitPay saves businesses an average of 1.25% on payment processing fees
  • Eliminates chargeback risk

Achieving these benefits requires a customer base that is well aware of your acceptance of BitPay as a payment option.

Brand Guide and Merchant Marketing Resources

BitPay's brand guide is available here. Please review this guide during your BitPay implementation and make sure you are following our best practices. Important takeaways include:

  • Acceptance mark included on your website
    • This lets customers know that BitPay is a supported payment option
    • Do not alter any of BitPay's artwork or create your own payment mark
  • List BitPay alongside other payment options at checkout
    • Do not use terminology like "Pay with Crypto" as an alternative to "BitPay"
  • Make sure to use a BitPay payment button on the final checkout / payment screen
  • Include BitPay FAQ type messaging on your website in at least one of these places
    • At checkout
    • Dedicated landing page
    • Payment options page
    • Help / FAQ page

Please do your best to adhere to these guidelines in order to be listed on BitPay's merchant directory.

Merchant Directory

Once you have implemented BitPay's required branding on your website, your business can be added to BitPay's merchant directory. Use the "add my business" button to request your company's addition to the site.

Customer Outreach

BitPay recommends the following actions after launching your integration: