Payment Status

Payment Status

It is important for merchants to wait until a payment is marked as 'Complete' before transferring ownership of goods or delivering services to the customer. This helps to ensure that the payment has received all necessary blockchain confirmations and that the funds have been transferred to the merchant's account. If goods or services are delivered before the payment is marked as 'Complete', there is a risk that the payment may be invalid or cancelled, resulting in the loss of both the goods or services and the payment.

BitPay has made the process easy for Quick Checkout users by simplifying the user experience to call out important payment status's.

Processing Payment

This screen indicates that the customer has sent funds to BitPay, and the transaction is processing on the blockchain. The transaction is not done yet.


The invoice was not paid in time. Generate a new invoice for the customer.

Overpaid Invoice

The customer sent more funds than necessary to pay the invoice. The invoice will be considered as “paid” and the customer will receive an email with instructions to receive a refund for the excess funds.

Underpaid Invoice

The customer did not send sufficient funds to pay the invoice. They will automatically receive an email from BitPay with instructions on how to get their funds back, which will take 1-2 business days. If the customer would like to retry the cryptocurrency transaction, you will need to create a new invoice for them to pay.

Error Loading Invoice

Error Loading Invoice. Clicking “Get Help” will redirect to