Send Payouts

How to create a payout.

You can manually create payouts using the BitPay merchant dashboard. This is a quick and easy process - here's how it works. (This guide assumes you have already invited recipients. Check out this page if you need help adding recipients.)

  1. Log in to your BitPay merchant dashboard at
  2. Navigate to the "Payouts" section (if you don't see this option in the left side panel, contact BitPay to have payouts enabled for your account)
  3. Click the "Create Payout" button
  4. Fill out the web form:
    1. Payout Reference - this is an open text field you can use to label this payout
    2. Schedule For - you can choose whether to have BitPay process the payout as soon as possible, or on a specific date
    3. Select Ledger - if you have multiple ledgers configured on your account, you can pick which one to draw funds from (not a typical setup - most accounts will just have a single ledger)
    4. Payout Currency - this is the reference currency for the payout; in other words, the currency you will use to specify how much money the recipient will receive (the amount will be converted to the specific cryptocurrency that the recipient selects within their personal BitPay portal)
    5. Notifications - toggle whether notifications should be emailed to you or not (specify address under Settings > Order Settings)
    6. Choose Recipients - select each recipient you would like to pay, and then provide a payment amount denominated in the payout currency you selected above
    7. When ready, click "Create Payout"
    8. Review the confirmation screen and confirm the payout by clicking "Confirm & Schedule"