Invite Payout Recipients

Inviting a new payout recipient.

When sending cryptocurrency payments through BitPay, it is necessary to have the recipient's wallet address to ensure payment delivery. The BitPay email invitation prompts the recipient to log in to their personal BitPay portal and securely provide their cryptocurrency wallet address, without the need to share any sensitive information through unsecured channels. Once the recipient has provided their wallet address, you can proceed with the payment process as usual. (Note, the recipient does NOT need to create a BitPay wallet. They simply need to complete our KYC verification to gain access to their personal dashboard.)

To send an invitation from your BitPay dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your BitPay account and click "Payouts" from the left navigation.
  2. Navigate to the "Recipients" tab, select "Add Recipients," and enter the recipient's email address.
    BitPay will send an email invitation to the recipient with instructions on how to securely provide their wallet address. Once the recipient has provided their wallet address, you will receive a notification to proceed with the payment.


BitPay provides an API for automating the process of sending invitations and managing recipients. For additional information please review Recipients API Reference.