Instructions for basic live troubleshooting in case any questions or issues arise during the BitPay payment process. This page should be referenced before escalating issues to BitPay's support team.

Common Issues

  • Customer attempts to scan QR code using a QR scanner in their cryptocurrency wallet rather than the camera app on their mobile device. The QR code redirects the customer to BitPay's website to initiate the payment flow rather than being a direct payment link. For this reason, customers should not scan the code directly from their wallet application.
  • Customer clicks "Pay in Wallet" but does not get redirected to their wallet application properly. This can happen if their mobile device's OS fails to correctly recognize the wallet app, or if they did not select the correct wallet during the payment flow. An easy workaround is for the customer to copy the payment link/address, and then open their cryptocurrency wallet app and paste the address directly into the wallet's "send" menu.

Error Pages

See this page for information on error screens you may encounter.

Is BitPay Service Down?

If the BitPay system does not seem to be working at all, please check to see if the system is down. If there is a reported outage, the customer will need to use a different payment method, or return to the store at a later time.

BitPay Support Articles

BitPay maintains a list of articles to help with a variety of questions and issues. You can access the page here.

Articles to highlight include:

Contacting BitPay Support

If you still need assistance from BitPay, please use these methods to contact us.

  • To submit a question via email, address: [email protected]
  • To get support from our chatbot, please visit and click Help. If the chatbot is unable to assist, you will be able to open a ticket with our support team.