Get Payout Recipient by ID

Get payout recipient

GET /recipients/:recipientId

Facades PAYOUT

HTTP Request

An example code to fetch single payout recipient by recipientId

List<PayoutRecipient> recipients = bitpay.SubmitPayoutRecipients(recipientsObj);
var firstRecipient = recipients.First();
var retrieved = bitpay.GetPayoutRecipient(firstRecipient.Id);

Response Body Fields

facadeSet to "payout/recipient".string
dataArray of JSON objects.array
→ emailRecipient email address to which the invite shall be sent.string
→ notificationURLURL to which BitPay sends webhook notifications to inform the merchant about the status of a given recipient. HTTPS is mandatory.string
→ labelFor merchant use, pass through - could be customer name or unique reference ID.string
→ statusRecipient status, can have the following values: "invited", "unverified", "verified", "active", "paused", "removed"string
→ idUnique recipient id assigned by BitPay for a given customer emailstring
→ shopperIdThis is the unique id assigned by BitPay if the shopper used his personal BitPay account to authenticate and pay an invoice. For customers signing up for a brand new BitPay personal account, this id will only be created as part of the payout onboarding. The same field would also be available on paid invoices if the customer signed in with his BitPay personal account before completing the payment. This can allow merchants to monitor the activity of a customer deposits & payouts).string
→ tokenResource token. This token is derived from the API token initially used to create the recipient and is tied to the specific recipient id created.string

HTTP Response

        "email":"[email protected]",