Retrieve Invoices

Facades: merchant


An aged list of invoices can be retrieved using method parameters that map to URL parameters on the API.


dateStartThe start date for the query filter, in YYYY-MM-DD format.
dateEndThe end date for the query filter, in YYYY-MM-DD format.
statusThe invoice status you want to query on, which can be one of the following: New, Paid, Confirmed, Complete, Expired, Invalid, or Declined.
orderIdThe optional order id specified at time of invoice creation.
limitMaximum results that the query will return (useful for paging results).
offsetNumber of results to offset (ex. skip 10 will give you results starting with the 11th).


const params = {
  dateStart: '2023-04-14',
  dateEnd: '2023-04-17',
  status: null,
  orderId: null,
  limit: null,
  offset: null

const invoices = await client.getInvoices(params);