Request Refund Notification


Requests a refund notification to be resent.


refundIdThe BitPay refund ID to for the notification to be resent.


$notificationStatus = $bitpay->sendRefundNotification("TPxL75VtRRuoNexUaNQ8da");

Response body fields

statusset to created in order to confirm the refund request and initiate the flow to send it to shopperstring

Success will return the updated refund request

HTTP Response

    "status": "success",

Get supported wallets

GET /supportedWallets

Facades PUBLIC

this endpoint uses the “public” facade and does not require a token

HTTP Request


X-Accept-VersionMust be set to 2.0.0 for requests to the BitPay API.Mandatory
Content-Typemust be set to application/json for requests to the BitPay API.Mandatory

To fetch the list of supported wallets and supported currency details

$supportedWallets = $bitpay->getSupportedWallets();

Response body fields

keya unique identifier for the walletstring
displayNamehuman readable display name for the walletstring
avatarfilename of a wallet graphic (not fully qualified)string
payProwhether or not the wallet supports ANY BitPay Payment Protocol optionsboolean
currenciesdetails of what currencies support payments for this walletobject
codeidentifying code for the currencystring
p2pindicates that this is a peer to peer (p2p) payment method (as opposed to payment protocol)boolean
dappBrowserindicates that this payment method operates via a browser plugin interacting with the invoiceboolean
withdrawalFeecustodial wallet withdrawal feestring
walletConnectwhether or not this wallet supports walletConnectboolean
payProwhether or not BitPay Payment Protocol is supported on this particular currency optionboolean
qrobject containing QR code related information to show for this payment methodobject
typethe type of QR code to use (ex. BIP21, ADDRESS, BIP72b, BIP681, BIP681b, etc)string
collapsedUI hint for BitPay invoice, generally not relevant to customer integrationsboolean