Create Payout Recipients


Allows a merchant to invite clients to sign up for a BitPay personal account.

  • For merchants who need to invite multiple recipients in a short period of time, make sure to send batch of invites e.g. use this endpoint to invite an array [] of recipients (up to 1000 in a single API call)
  • By default a merchant can invite a maximum of 1000 distinct recipients via the business account. Reach out to your account manager at BitPay in order to increase this limit.


recipientsA PayoutRecipients object with request parameters defined.
const payoutRecipient = new PayoutRecipient('[email protected]', 'someLabel', '');

const payoutRecipients = new PayoutRecipients([payoutRecipient]);

const recipients = await client.submitPayoutRecipients(payoutRecipients);

The BitPay server returns a 200 OK response to a properly formatted request. The body of the
response is the following.