There are two environments available for merchants to use the following API.

To access these APIs, merchants need to combine the base URL + endpoint and make sure to have API credentials for the corresponding environments.

EnvironmentBase URLAPI Credentials
Test<https://test.bitpay.com>test account
Production<https://bitpay.com>production account


Use the Test Environment to implement the BitPay payment method on your website and perform end-to-end transactions with testnet coins. Once the implementation is completed, go live with the production URLs and API credentials.

Getting Access to Test.BitPay.com

To access the BitPay test environment, you'll need to sign up for a BitPay test account at test.bitpay.com. You will not be required to enter real business information just be sure to enter a username and password you'll remember. The test environment allows you to simulate payments and test your integration without risking real money.

Obtaining Test Cryptocurrency and Testing Your Integration

To test your integration with BitPay, you'll need to obtain test cryptocurrency in a BitPay or Metamask wallet. Instructions can be found in the BitPay Testing Guide. The guide provides detailed instructions for setting up your test environment, testing your integration, ensuring that your application or website is ready to accept payments, and details supported and unsupported features of the test environment.