C# (.NET) Kiosk Demo

This is a demonstration .NET app to show how BitPay can be used in the
context of a retail kiosk. It utilizes the the pos facade and with a simple
configuration file you can customize the posData fields that are sent to
BitPay. This app uses database migrations to manage the database schema and by default
uses an embedded SQLite database to make it easy to start.



If you'd like to utilize Instant Payment Notifications (IPN), you will need to either run the application somewhere publicly available, or use a tool such as ngrok to allow public traffic to tunnel to your local machine.


  • .NET SDK => 7
  • BitPay Account


You can download or clone the project from GitHub.


Generate Test Token

  1. Log into https://test.bitpay.com/dashboard
  2. Go to Payment Tools
  3. Click on API Tokens
  4. Click the Add New Token button
  5. Enter a label (this is just for your reference)
  6. Click the Add Token button
  7. Copy the value of the Token field from the Information section

Update Configuration



See the README in https://github.com/bitpay/php-kiosk-demo-laravel for configuration options.

  1. Copy the token generated above
  2. run composer install
  3. Update CsharpKioskDemoDotnet/appsettings.json
  4. Update CsharpKioskDemoDotnet/bitPayDesign.yaml

Run the Application

Run the following command

dotnet run --project CsharpKioskDemoDotnet

View the Application

You should now be able to visit a browser at http://localhost:5067 or the port that you configured.