Request Payout Notification

Request payout notification

POST /payouts/:payoutId/notifications

Facades PAYOUT

HTTP Request

An example code to request payout recipient notification

recipients = await client.GetPayoutRecipients('active', 2);
payout0.recipientId = recipients[1].id;
payout0.notificationEmail = '[email protected]';
payout0.notificationURL = '';

createdPayout = await client.SubmitPayout(payout0);
requestedNotification = await client.RequestPayoutNotification(;

Response Body Fields

statusSet to success in case of successful request and to error if the request failed, a description of the error will then be indicated in the message field.string
codeReserved for future use.number
dataEmpty data object {}.object
messageIn case of error, this field will contain a description message. Set to null if the request is successful.string

HTTP Response

    "status": "success",
    "data": {},
    "message": null