Cancel Refund Request

Cancel refund request

GET /refunds/:refundId


HTTP Request

To cancel the refund request, no special parameters required, if successful will return refund request with updated status ('cancelled')

firstPaidInvoice = await client.GetInvoices(dateStart, dateEnd, InvoiceStatus.Complete, null, 1);
firstPaidInvoice = firstPaidInvoice.shift();

retrievedRefund = await client.GetRefunds(firstPaidInvoice);
firstRefund = retrievedRefund.shift();

canceledRefund = await client.CancelRefund(firstRefund);

Response body fields same as POST /refunds

HTTP Response

    "id": "TPxL75VtRRuoNexUaNQ8da",
    "invoice": "8g6B3UsQ9QWvjqFrrYBssm",
    "status": "created",
    "amount": 1,
    "currency": "USD",
    "refundFee": 0.09,
    "immediate": false,
    "buyerPaysRefundFee": false,
    "requestDate": "2021-12-21T14:42:58.000Z"